What's Wrong With Being Yellow In America?

So What's Wrong With Being an (Oriental/Yellow) Asian in America?

I know, it could be hard, if you are one.

I would think just as the Hispanics or the African-Americans or whatever race one belongs to, they are also undergoing much of the same or similar biases, discrimination, prejudices and the like (in the past, in the present and in almost inevitably many years to come).

What is worse is when we believe that we are the only race who have suffered or are suffering in America. (We're not!)

And even worst still is that we know that many people do not like Black people, as many people do not like Hispanics, many people do not like Caucasians either, some people have no love for American Indians, Pacific Islanders and many others and some people aren't so cool with their own people too so why expect them to cool off with people of a different ethnicity.

But by my personal experience and we all know this, many people do not like people who are different from them, it's just a fact.

And heck, as I have mentioned, we do not even like our own kind, but oddly it seems like all people do not like the Chinese or many other Asians which they just lumped into being Chinese. Ni hao.

Well, okay many people like Chinese Food (Eggrolls, Chowmein, Chinese Chicken Salad, Orange Chicken, Dimsum), but it just seems everyone does not care for the so-called Yellow Race, especially with their sing-song accent, their unpredictable driving skills, their seeming coldness or harshness, their insensitivity or political incorrectness, their business sense, their eyes and of course you can add your own reasons.

And it just seems we are concerned with what other people do to us (as a race) but if we are to look ourselves in the mirror, we are probably much worse to our Yellow Brothers and Sisters, the Huangs, the Hwangs, the Hoangs, and the rest of the gang.

I mean, Bruce Lee tried to bridge that huge gap between the East and the West fifty years ago but still for many of us the gap is still there.

For the Asian Americans or Asians in America though, I am pretty sure all or many of you would book a flight back home if you would be sure that things would be better over there for you than in the US of A.

But like the rest of the other migrants who come from all over the world, you know deep down inside, things might be hard in America but it definitely would be harder or unimaginable back home. And things are bad or worse else where.

So until the time comes when you can go back home and live in your home country, America is your home too, like the rest of the other people represented and who have migrated there.

Peace! (And yes stop complaining)

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