Black, Brown, Red, Yellow or White?

I understand that color or more specifically, our skin color is a very touchy subject.

But then again, we really cannot do much about this or even get away from it.

I mean, we are either Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, White or any combination.

And I do not see anything wrong with this.

I mean, why would it, if we know that certain "types" of people even use the seven colors of the rainbow to represent themselves. I mean, it is not that they are really Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo or Violet to begin with.

But then again, color, our color, our skin color, define us, at least on the outside.

And as I have mentioned earlier, we cannot get away from that.

Well, okay I know Michael Jackson was born Black, grew up Black but died White (or almost White), but that's a different story. And we all love Michael.

But for the most part, we are either Black, White, Brown, Red, Yellow, or whatever color and we just would probably need to accept that.

What I want to write and maybe discuss about today is how people of another color see us or look at us and vice-versa.

I know, most people are overly "pious" (at least they claim to be) and they would swear that they are not racist (no not me...not a racist bone in my body).

And that is well and good, but I have very little faith in anybody saying that over the age of three. And okay, I would accept that we may not be racists in the outside. But that wouldn't be 100% true with what we think and even how we view, how we perceive and how we categorize people of another color (subconsciously, accidentally or otherwise). And often times, our decisions, our actions, our words, or the choices that we make will give us out.

Yes, let us be true to ourselves, now. And I don't care what skin color you have.

For we may be whatever color we are in the outside, but in the inside, we may be all-green with envy, or all-red with hatred, or all blue with fear, or all blurry with stereotypes and generalizations or all-dark with ill-thoughts about people who look, dress and talk differently than us or our kind.

And for the most part, it may not even be our faults, or we may actually be truly not even aware of it (and this is a scary thought).

So today, what ever color you are, even if you are proud to be of the rainbow variety, we may not be able to get along (and we may never totally be) with all the other people of whatever color but first admitting (at least to ourselves) that we may be (however slightly) biased or prejudiced regarding color, race or any other protected class, then we would at least open our eyes to our own weaknesses and maybe even own up to it. And maybe, just maybe even see ourselves in the same (disgusting) category as those "people" that we look down upon just because they (too) are biased and prejudiced, yes just like you and me. And yes, not unless you are four years old and younger or maybe still think and act like one.



So what if you are Black in today's America?

It is really that bad to be a Mexican in the US of A?

What's wrong with being Yellow in America?

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