About Me

Okay, first off contrary to what you might think, I am not racist.

Okay, let me correct that, I'm not racist at least as in the definition that you probably have inside your head. I mean, if I was, then you are most probably one yourself in my book (or my definition of it), we all are.

My thing, let's get off our high horse for a minute here and admit at least to ourselves, okay I might have a racist bone (or bones) in me but not to the extent that I will say it out loud or flaunt it or at least show it to other people I don't trust and who like me dearly or who look, talk and smell differently than me and wouldn't beat me up to hell and back.

I am a "person of color" (some people are offended by that term, so I apologize).

But some people do get offended being called "Yellow", "Red", "Black" or whatever color.

Some of you might be offended if you are called "Oriental" or "Negroid".

And a few of you (Asians) may actually be offended being called "Asian."

Look, we get offended by something, if it's not one thing, it's another. If I write with the extreme caution of not offending anyone, then I'd probably not write a thing or come out with something nobody will ever read all at least not all the way through without falling asleep or killing themselves.

If you are still reading this and still awake and aching to leave a comment, then I would have accomplished what I hoped to achieve when I first started typing down and posting all these colorful ideas that have been swirling inside my brain for some time now.

Now if I have offended you with something, then I apologize and let's just move on ahead and away from our individual sensitivities.

Now if you aren't then you are free to browse through this page... enjoy.

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