Mexicans In America, Watch This Before you Complain

Count Your Blessings Instead Of Complaining

    Almost everyday I see a number of Mexican-Americans waste their opportunities of having been born (and/or residing) in the US of A.

    I mean, I see them cutting classes or engaging in useless activities and worse, in petty crimes and acts of violence.

    Many constantly complain of how miserable their life in American has become.

    But legal or not, anybody of Mexican descent shouldn't really complain about how bad they have it living in America.

It Could Be Worse

    I mean, it could be worse, they could actually have been born in Mexico, or even if they were or weren't born there, their parents or grandparents could have stayed put and not cross over north of the border.

    And who knows, if you are Mexican-American, you could actually be living in one of the poorest areas of Mexico right now. 

Eye Opening Video

    Below is a short video which I hope can open the eyes of any Mexican living in American who constantly complain about their free education, their free food stamps, their free medical and dental insurance and their free housing, among others. 

    I know many others may not have most of these for free but surely free education even free breakfast and lunch are among the most under appreciated benefits of being American, so take advantage of it... and I'm not even mentioned certain freedoms they are enjoying which wouldn't have if they were living south of the border.

    Don't believe me, watch this: (I am also talking to you if you are of Hispanic Descent even if you aren't Mexican. If you are Hispanic and living in the United States of America right now, then this is for you too, you know who you are).

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