Can't We Really Find the Silver Lining To Be Part of the Rainbow Community In America?

This is probably one of the hardest essays I have typed up, ever.

Not just because of where or how I was brought up or of things I have seen and experienced growing up. And because I am really torn on the issue of being L G B or T.


I empathize with lesbians. I really do. I grew up watching how some of them were ostracized. But then again, everyone else is being bullied, ridiculed, persecuted and shunned about one thing or another.

To me though, society is still evolving and slowly American society and various groups within the USA are embracing lesbians. Of course it could be better, but it is nonetheless better than in many other nations or societies.

Gays (Or Homosexuals)

I grew up and went to school with a lot of gays -- a whole lot. In fact, I have become friends with some of them and still in contact with some. In my experience, gays are more accepted than lesbians. But that is not to say that this this is enough. It's not.

And then again, like lesbians, it could be worse. They could be living in an Arab state or in some cultures or communities where they will not be tolerated at all.

In the US of A, there are a ton of Gays and Lesbians who are in power or highly successful and visible and vocal in their chosen fields and I'm not saying that's all there is to it. But various laws have been put in place and being put in place in support of their rights and such. Some things just take time.


Again, I've known a few bisexuals and much like gays and lesbians, I would say the same thing. Coming out is usually the problem for the rainbow community, or for all three and the accompanying consequences. But then again, straight people have problems of their own, sometimes it is best not to focus on ours alone.


It is the transgenders that I am having mixed emotions with. There are so many intriguing things about them, as well as hard to explain and understand terminologies and definitions. But then again, everyone is hard to understand.

Colors of the Rainbow

So I really have nothing more to say about those who belong to the Rainbow Community living in the US of A.

I understand their gripes and frustrations and all that. And change may be slow and far in between.

But then again, as I've always said. It could be worse. Be thankful for the growing acceptance and tolerance, especially when you compare with many other societies and communities and nations. And yes, like a broken record, you could be living somewhere else. Change is coming. Just be hopeful that it would be a change for the better. People will always be people. We cannot really coexist perfectly peaceful with all our differences but sometimes looking at the issues from your opposing parties' point of view could be the only to bridge the divide.